Manufacturing Rocket Combustion Chambers with Cold Spray

Cold spraying is an economical technique used to repair and restore industrial products by replacing damaged parts. The characteristics of cold spraying, which involve depositing materials in a solid state, render it an appealing method for repair and restoration.

This approach preserves the distinctive properties of the original components while also enhancing the properties of the repaired elements through the deposition of essential materials.

The production of intricate components like combustion chambers is streamlined through the utilization of cold spraying.

  • High strength Cu-alloy combustion chamber demonstrator
  • Weight ~20 kg
  • Length 300 mm
  • Diameter approx. 300 mm
  • High thermal conductive & high strength Cu alloy
  • Al support outer diameter 250 mm
  • Approx. 25 kg Cu alloy
  • 18 mm coating thickness
  • Jacket material cold spray deposition: ~15 kg stainless steel


From the frying pan to space technology - the spectrum of possible applications is huge.


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