Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing Orthogrid Structures

An orthogrid is a variation of an isogrid featuring rectangular openings rather than triangular ones. This grid configuration is employed to reinforce highly resilient components, primarily within the aerospace sector and related applications.

Through the utilization of our Impact Spray System EvoCSII, the additive manufacture of orthogrids is achievable, eliminating the unnecessary depletion of valuable materials.

Throughout the cold spraying procedure, an Al alloy is sprayed onto the component in both horizontal and vertical directions, progressively constructing the lattice structure layer by layer. Attaining grid structure heights of several centimeters is feasible.

    Key facts
  • Plate size: 800 mm x 600 mm
  • Plate thickness: 8 mm
  • Height of structure build up after post-milling: 23 mm
  • Structure width after post-milling: 3 mm
  • Material saving: 70%
  • Reduction of manufacturing time: 50%

Conventional production method

Orthogrid structural components are typically carved from solid material, often necessitating the application of chemical milling processes to achieve wall thicknesses below 1 mm.

For the production of sizable components using this approach, the use of exceedingly large and intricate multi-axis milling machines is imperative. As over 60% of the material needs to be removed, this manufacturing technique proves to be highly resource and time-intensive.

Cold Spray as an alternative production method

The notable contrast from traditional manufacturing lies in the additive application of the orthogrid structure onto a base plate (outer skin of the component) through the use of cold gas spraying. Consequently, the reinforcement framework is systematically added layer by layer until the final geometry is attained.

Following the additive construction of the stiffening structure, an optional post-milling process can be conducted. If post-milling becomes imperative, solely a final contour milling is necessary, obviating the need for initial clearing milling of the contour pocket.



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