Additive Manufacturing Rocket Nozzles with Cold Spray

Rocket nozzles, typically de Laval nozzles, serve as propulsion nozzles within rocket engines. These nozzles amplify both the exit velocity and internal pressure of combustion chambers, thereby enhancing the thrust and combustion efficiency of the rocket engine.

As a consequence, rocket nozzles are subjected to rigorous requirements. The conventional manufacturing of these nozzles is arduous and resource-intensive.

Through the utilization of the Impact Spray System EvoCSII, rocket nozzles can be swiftly produced using cold spraying methods.

    The most important information at a glance
  • Process gas: Nitrogen
  • Deposition rate: Cu 9,2 kg/h | Ni 10 kg/h
  • Deposition efficiency: Cu 99% | Ni 97%
  • Total weight as build: 41 kg Cu
  • Final weight of the part: 36 kg Cu
  • Total deposition time: 4 h 10 min


From the frying pan to space technology - the spectrum of possible applications is huge.


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